Visa on Arrival in Thailand

Visa on Arrival in ThailandThe visa on arrival is very much misunderstood as many think that it an actual visa but it is not. It is more a a visa exemption than an actual visa. They simply stamp your passport on arrival for the maximum days you may stay in Thailand with an actual visa. These do vary from country to country. If you are from the US and you arrive on an international flight you get 30 days when you enter Thailand. If however you arrive via a land border you only get 15 days. Land border entry was changed 4 years ago as the Thai government viewed the 30 days on arrival as being abused by those not wanting to get a proper visa.

The following is the last update as to which countries nationality get to stay in Thailand without a proper visa. If you are trekking though Asia then it is always best to get a proper visa . The tourist visa allows you to stay in Thailand for 60 days and this can be further extended by another 30 days in Thailand. The tourist visa is much better than a simple visa on arrival.

90 Days

The governments of the following countries have concluded a bilateral agreement on visa waiving with Thailand, nationals from both country may travel to each other without visa for a period of up to 90 days.


 South Korea

30 Days

The following countries are granted visa free travel to Thailand for a period of up to 30 days. Arriving by air gives a stay of 30 days. Arriving overland gives a stay of 15 days (except countries that have bilateral agreements on visa waiving with Thailand – those with a † mark behind).


 Czech Republic
 Hong Kong
 New Zealand
 South Africa
 United Arab Emirates
 United Kingdom
 United States
  • citizen of  Cambodia may travel to Thailand for 14 days under the bilateral agreement on visa waiving.

Visa on Arrival

The nations from the following countries may apply for Visa on Arrival at major entry points whether travel by air or by land. the cost is THB1000, and allows you to stay for 15 days.

 San Marino
 Saudi Arabia

Note that if you are from India you have to pay 1,000 Baht and you can stay in Thailand for 15 days once you enter. The same goes for countries in the bottom bracket. If you want to stay longer then apply in your home country for the proper visa so that you can stay in Thailand for longer.

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