Tourist Visa for Thailand

Tourist Visa for ThailandThe tourist visa for Thailand is the most used and most commonly issued Thai visa by the Thai Embassies. The visa is valid for 2 months when you enter Thailand. Once you are in Thailand the 60 days start their count down. 2-3 days before the visa expires you need to go to Thai Immigration and have the visa extended for another 30 days. The extension cost 1,900 Baht and takes 4-5 hours to have done. If the visa expires on a Saturday or Sunday it is not carried over to the Monday. You have to ensure that you have the visa extension done on the Friday before the expiration date of the visa. Once the visa has been extended you can extend it one last time for 1,900 Baht but this is only for 1 week.  Many decided to leave Thailand and return via a land border which would give then an additional 15 days stay in Thailand. This is also known as a visa run in Thailand.

The tourist visa is mainly for tourism and you are not allowed to work on a tourist visa. You can have the visa converted but to take 6 weeks to have the visa converted to another visa and considering the time and cost it would be cheaper and faster to leave the country and obtain a marriage visa or business visa to apply for a work permit.  If you are not certain what type of visa to apply for then speak to us online about the visa options available to you when you come to Thailand.

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