Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership

The Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership is an exclusive package that grants a five-year visa and allows multiple entries. It also includes a free personal assistant and complimentary limousine transfers.

The program requires a completed application and a high-resolution passport photo. Applicants must also provide proof of relationship and a criminal background check.


A Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership is an invitation-only program that offers top-tier privileges. Members can access VIP airport immigration and services, extraordinary treatment at golf courses, spas, hotels, and restaurants, and premium shopping experiences. They also receive free annual health checks, yearly air tickets, and a dedicated customer service hotline.

Applicants can choose from several membership packages, each of which offers different visa validity periods and privilege points. The Gold Membership package, for example, offers a five-year visa validity period and a fee of about THB 900,000. Its exclusive benefits include airport transfers, a dedicated customer service hotline, and yearly air tickets.

The most expensive tier, Platinum, offers a 10-year visa and more privilege points. Its fee of about THB 2.5 million is higher than the Gold or Diamond tier, but it includes fast-track immigration and a wide range of premier lifestyle benefits, including luxury accommodations, personal assistance, insurance coverage, and financial advisory.


If you’re interested in investing in Thailand, the cost of a Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership will depend on the package you choose. The highest package is the invitation-only Reserve membership, which offers a 20-year visa and privilege points. It also includes a concierge and other benefits.

The Platinum membership is another option, offering a 10-year visa and 35 privilege points for a one-time fee of 1.5 million THB. It also includes a yearly health check, premium shopping experiences, co-working spaces, insurance coverage, and networking events. It’s ideal for people who want to upgrade their lifestyle and have a more personalized experience.

Applicants can also bring family members on board, which is especially helpful for those who plan to live in Thailand for a long time. However, the additional fee is quite expensive. In addition, the application process can take up to three months. Therefore, it is essential to hire a good GSSA to help with the process.

Processing time

The Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership is offered by invitation only and offers a long-term legal stay in the country, a full range of premium privileges, and exclusive benefits. It is a great option for those who want to enjoy the country’s stunning landscapes and rich culture. The visa comes in a number of packages with different validity periods and privilege points, including the Gold Card that offers a 5-year stay.

The application process is simple and can be initiated from anywhere in the world. Applicants must submit a soft copy of their passport and a completed application form from an accredited agent. The agent will then work with the Thailand Elite Privilege Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Immigration Bureau to conduct a thorough background check. Upon approval, the applicant will receive instructions on how to pay for their preferred membership package. This part of the application typically takes a month for most nationalities and up to three months for citizens of certain countries.

Visa requirements

The visa requirements associated with Thailand Elite Visa Reserve Membership can vary depending on your situation. In general, you need to have a valid passport with at least three blank pages. You also need to be a citizen of an eligible country, and have no criminal record or deportation history in your home country or any other country. You must also be able to prove your financial stability and ability to support yourself in the long term.

The application process is fast and easy. Once you’ve completed the application, you will receive a letter of approval from Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd and instructions on paying the membership fee for your package of choice.

If you are interested in applying for a Thailand Elite Visa, you can contact Siam Legal or another accredited General Sales and Services Agent (GSSA). GSSAs will work with the Thailand Elite Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Immigration Bureau to perform immigration and criminal background checks. The application process can take up to a month, depending on your country and situation.

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