Thailand Elite Visa Platinum Membership

If you are interested in becoming a Thailand Elite Visa member, it is important to understand the membership terms. This includes the varying privilege points and visa validity periods offered.

The Gold package has a 5-year visa validity period and 20 privilege points, while the Platinum package offers a 10-year membership term and 55 privilege points. This is the best option for digital nomads who want to solidify their long-term stay in Thailand.

10-year membership term

The Thailand Elite Visa is a long-stay visa program that offers a range of benefits and services. This includes a range of visa durations (5 to 20 years) and streamlined immigration processes. It also offers a wealth of premium privileges in travel, leisure, wellness, and concierge services.

Members can choose a package that best aligns with their long-term plans and budget. Depending on the tier chosen, members can enjoy benefits and incentives such as airport transfers, assistance in filing a 90-day report, and free bank account opening.

Platinum Membership is a premium tier with more stability and customization than Gold Membership. It features a 10-year visa and 35 privilege points, compared to Gold’s 5 and 20, respectively. It also provides members with a suite of perks and services, including annual health checkups and a 24/7 member contact center.

5-year multiple-entry visa

Unlike other visa types, the Thailand Elite Privilege Visa offers a 5-year multiple-entry visa for a one-time membership fee. This is a great option for people who want to experience the country’s hospitality without having to worry about traveling back and forth every 90 days. It also gives members a chance to explore the country on their own time.

Besides the privilege points, this visa package allows its holders to enjoy other benefits like free health checkups and personal accident insurance. It also provides an exclusive concierge service that is available 24/7. Applicants can start their application process from anywhere in the world. They need to submit a copy of their passport, a photo, and a signed PDPA form. The process may take up to a month or more depending on the nationality.

The DIAMOND package is ideal for those who plan to stay in the country long-term and would like to make Thailand their home. This package includes a 15-year membership term and 55 privilege points that can be freely leveraged.

35 privilege points

The new Thailand Elite program launched in October 2023 offers a range of membership packages with different visa validity periods, privilege points, and exclusive benefits. Each package caters to a distinct set of preferences and lifestyles.

The Platinum Membership package has a 10-year visa validity period and a membership fee of THB 1.5 million (approximately USD 42,600). It includes airport transfers, yearly health checks, premium shopping privileges at shopping malls, VIP seating, birthday river cruises, seasonal gifts, a personal concierge service, and access to co-working spaces.

It also includes business support services, including bank account opening, driver’s license assistance, and 90-day reporting. Additionally, members can enjoy complimentary domestic flights with Bangkok Airways and wealth advisory services. Lastly, members can use their privilege points to access luxury experiences, such as boat rentals or buy-1-get-1-free movie tickets. They can also enjoy priority access to events and exclusive networking opportunities.

Family membership

Those who want to take their Thailand experience to the next level can consider getting the PLATINUM package, which includes all the benefits of Gold plus priority immigration services and a complimentary health checkup. This package is ideal for families and couples.

This tier grants long-term residence in Thailand and is perfect for those who want to experience the premium lifestyle the country has to offer. It comes with dedicated support services, such as the Elite Personal Assistant, to help you navigate schools, healthcare options, and local amenities.

Additionally, it offers priority immigration services at all major airports and limousine service. It also has exclusive discounts at top department stores and shopping mails, as well as in hotels, spas, and restaurants. It also comes with 35 privilege points, making it one of the best Thailand Elite Visa packages for families. The membership fee for a Core member and Next members is THB 1,000,000 (VAT included), which includes a 5-year membership term and a physical card.

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