Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership

Acquiring Thailand Elite Visa membership requires passing a thorough background check and a complete packet of required documents. Once approved, members are welcomed into the country with a premium entry visa and exclusive privilege points.

A letter of approval will be sent to the applicant via email along with payment instructions for their chosen package. Then, they can book their first visa affixation service by contacting the member contact center.


Designed for the elite, Platinum offers unparalleled benefits and access to Thailand. This tier provides a curated lifestyle with premium services including a personal liaison, access to private health care, wealth advisory and more. A membership fee of 1.5 million THB also grants 35 privilege points and a 10-year multiple-entry visa with no requirement to spend time in the country. Added benefits include priority immigration and the ability to invite family members at a discounted rate.

The ten-year legal stay of the Gold card and the fifteen-year long-stay visa offered by the Diamond card make the Thailand Elite Privilege Card an excellent option for those who wish to live, work, or invest in the Kingdom. It is a good choice for digital nomads, frequent travelers, retirees, and long-term expats looking to secure a permanent home in the Kingdom. Unlike other long-stay visas, the Thailand Elite Visa program requires minimal paperwork. It also offers a concierge service and a complimentary medical checkup as additional perks.


Unlike other visas that have financial, employment, or age requirements, a Thailand Elite Visa Gold Membership is open to anyone legally eligible to enter the country. Upon approval, Gold members enjoy access to exclusive privileges, including free hotel nights, golf courses, spa packages, wealth advisory, and more. They also receive assistance in opening a Thai bank account.

Other benefits include a 5-year multiple-entry visa, complimentary domestic flights with Bangkok Airways, premium shopping experiences, access to co-working spaces, insurance coverage, and priority event ticketing. A Gold member can redeem up to 20 privilege points annually and receive their membership ID and welcome letter within 30 days of completing the application process.

This tier aims to attract affluent investors, businessmen, and retirees looking for a more trouble-free lifestyle. Besides the benefits above, Platinum members also get a 10-year visa and 35 privilege points. These perks make the Platinum package more attractive to people who want a longer-term residence in Thailand.


The Diamond package caters to individuals seeking a luxurious lifestyle in Thailand. This membership tier offers 15-year visa validity, a higher level of privilege points, and additional benefits like personal shopping assistants and premium health checkups. It also includes a free transferability option, giving it a strong appeal for families or couples seeking long-term residency in Thailand.

Once the criminal background check and approval are complete, applicants will receive a letter of approval and payment instructions from Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. After the membership fee has been paid, the applicant will receive a welcome letter and instructions on obtaining their visa from Thai immigration.

Holders of a Elite Ultimate Privilege Membership are eligible to upgrade to the Diamond membership package at any time, subject to a successful background check by the Thai authorities. The process takes about 4 to 6 weeks. Unlike other visa options, the Thailand Elite Visa has no re-entry restrictions. This means that a cardholder can stay in the country as long as they want without having to worry about visa runs and complex paperwork.


Designed for those looking to elevate their lifestyles in Thailand, Reserve unlocks the peak of convenience and luxury. This exclusive package is available by invitation only and provides a visa validity period of 20 years for a one-time fee of 5 million THB.

Benefits include a personal concierge service, yearly health checks, premium lounge access in shopping malls, VIP seating and birthday gifts, participation in seasonal events, hotel fitness facilities, luxury car test drive experiences and complimentary domestic flights with Bangkok Airways. In addition, members receive a dedicated customer hotline, supercar rental privileges and access to co-working spaces.

Membership also includes 90-day reporting support and assistance, eliminating the need for tedious renewals. This makes the Thailand Elite Visa a more convenient solution for those seeking long-term stays in Thailand than alternative visa options. In addition, members have the ability to add family members to their membership for a more cost-effective and flexible approach to relocation to Thailand.

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