Thai Business Visa for Thailand

Thai Business Visa for ThailandThere are types of business visas in Thailand. The first the the most common being the single entry business visa. The second the the multiple entry visa business visa. The first you can normally obtain for a Thai embassy without much issue. You need a letter from a company who will state what the purpose is of you visiting Thailand being the reason why you need a business visa. This normally to visit buyers or sellers or for attending a business meeting in Thailand. The visa is valid for 3 months when you enter Thailand. speak to an immigration attorney in Thailand if you do not understand the above.

If however you are planning on working in Thailand then the business about to hire you will provide you with the documentation for the single entry business visa which will allow you to apply for a work permit during the 3 months for which the visa is valid for. Normally if you are going to be a teacher you need a letter from your school and also a letter from the Department of Education to state that you will be applying for a work permit and teachers license in Thailand. You also need to provide a copy of your resume during the visa application process.

The multiple entry visa however is for those outside of Thailand who wish to conduct business on a regular bases in Thailand. This visa is also valid for 3 months when you enter Thailand. Just before the 3 months expires you need to leave Thailand and re-enter Thailand to activate the next ‘leg’ of the multiple entry visa. This leg is also valid for 3 months. The multiple entry business visa has 4 legs which allows you to stay in Thailand for 1 year only having to leave 4 times during the course of the year. This visa will require an invite from a Thai company who will issue you the paperwork for the embassy to issue you this 1 year visa. They are very difficult to obtain.

If you are looking at visiting Thailand or seek employment in Thailand then speak to us at Law Firm in Thailand to assist you with your Thai immigration and visa problems. With offices in all the main cities of Thailand we are able to assist you with your visa and with Thai immigration if you are looking at applying for a work permit in Thailand. Speak to us today online or in person for more assistance.

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