Marriage Visa for Thailand

Marriage Visa for ThailandThe Marriage Visa in Thailand also called the “O” Visa or “other” Visa is a Thai Visa for coming to Thailand to visit family or to visit your Thai wife. This visa is valid for 3 months when you enter Thailand. The visa cannot be extended like a tourist visa but can be extended under 2 conditions.

The first is when you apply for a work permit the visa will be extended to the date that the work permit expires. The second is if you are married to a Thai then meet the financial requirements the marriage visa can be extended for 1 year while in Thailand. The requirements are listed below.

Marriage Visa Requirements:

These are the requirements to have your marriage visa extended to 1 year.

  • – Must be married to a Thai national;
  • – If not married to a Thai national must have a Thai child;
  • – Need to have a marriage certificate;
  • – If not married proof of children (birth certificate, school records, proof of being parent);
  • – Tabian Baan of Thai wife;
  • – Copy of Thai wife/Thai child ID card;
  • – Copy of marriage certificate;
  • – Proof of where you live in Thailand (lease agreement);
  • – Proof of 400,000 Baht in Thai bank account;
  • – Proof of income of 40,000 Baht per month if no deposit;
  • – Proof of a valid relationship (family photos);
  • – Map to show where house or apartment is located;

These are the requirements if you want to extend you 3 month marriage visa or “O” visa on the bases of having a Thai family. some extend this on the bases of their Thai children or Thai child if they are divorced for their Thai wife. These do change from time to time however these are the current requirements for the marriage visa or “O” visa in Thailand. When you apply for the 3 months visa you only need the following.

  • – Copy of marriage certificate;
  • – Copy of Tabian Baan of wife;
  • – Copy of your wife’s ID card;
  • – Copy of your passport;

Those are the only requirements when you apply for the 3 month visa at a Thai embassy. If it is for a child then provide copies of the school certificates, copy of the child’s Thai ID card and also proof that you are the parent. If you are not certain as to how to do this then speak to us online or see our main website for more information. We have also listed our toll-free US and UK numbers if you wish to speak to us. Call us today to have your Thai visa issues solved.

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