If you are in need of a Thai visa and in need of a visa agent or an immigraiton lawyer then the cost is going to be the same but the quality of service different. It is always best to speak to an immigration attorney in Thailand in order to understand Thai law and also […]

There are types of business visas in Thailand. The first the the most common being the single entry business visa. The second the the multiple entry visa business visa. The first you can normally obtain for a Thai embassy without much issue. You need a letter from a company who will state what the purpose […]

If you are 50 years or older then you can retire in Thailand. The visa is called the “OA” Visa and this is the retirement visa. Noted today by the Bangkok Post  on retirement in Thailand we note that more people are retiring in Thailand. The number of one-year retirement visas has surged by more […]

The visa on arrival is very much misunderstood as many think that it an actual visa but it is not. It is more a a visa exemption than an actual visa. They simply stamp your passport on arrival for the maximum days you may stay in Thailand with an actual visa. These do vary from […]

The Marriage Visa in Thailand also called the “O” Visa or “other” Visa is a Thai Visa for coming to Thailand to visit family or to visit your Thai wife. This visa is valid for 3 months when you enter Thailand. The visa cannot be extended like a tourist visa but can be extended under […]

The tourist visa for Thailand is the most used and most commonly issued Thai visa by the Thai Embassies. The visa is valid for 2 months when you enter Thailand. Once you are in Thailand the 60 days start their count down. 2-3 days before the visa expires you need to go to Thai Immigration […]